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Anstice C

There are not enough words of praise to properly recommend Anujan.
I was fortunate enough to have him as my physical therapist during an incredibly complicated and difficult problem. I owe him my most sincere thanks and gratitude.


Gail E

Anujan is quite simply the best physical therapist I’ve ever seen. His medical background and knowledge made him able to explain things to me in ways no other physical therapist has ever done. I have no reservations to recommend him to other people.

Elaine E

As someone in her late seventies it was with some trepidation that I knew I would have to undergo two hip surgeries. Luckily I was advised to begin physical therapy before the surgery and even luckier that my therapist was Anujan. He not only prepared me well for the first operation but then continued with me between surgeries and then after the second one. Thanks to him I was walking with only a cane within days of each. Having seen others who have had to undergo various surgeries, I can only say that there is no better physical therapist than Anujan and I recommend him highly. Or even if you just want to improve your strength, he is definitely the one I would select. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Alix B

I am a 77 year old woman who has had lots of physical therapy, sports injuries, post-op rehab, sciatica, etc.  Anujan is by far the best therapist I ever had. Here’s why:  1) your physician’s prescription for therapy is very general. Anujan listens very carefully to you about your condition and examines you thoroughly before treatment begins.  2) he supervises your routine closely as you are doing it to make sure you are doing it correctly. (Many therapists show you once, then walk away.

3) Anujan continues with his professional studies, even though he is already highly qualified. 4). He is very nice and friendly (but not overly familiar).  I cannot recommend him too highly!   I’m sad he moved to London as that is too far from New York.  Also, both my husband and daughter were treated by him and they loved him too.

Avery B

Anujan helped me to recovery from shoulder surgery and is one of the best physical therapist that I have worked with. At I time when I was terrified to move my arm again, Anujan was kind and gentle. Even tho the work we had to do to restore function was painful, I was able to trust him very easily. I have complete confidence in his skills. His manner is thoughtful and calm and his knowledgeable base of anatomy and physical recovery is comprehensive. He truly cares about his patients. I am very grateful for his help and recommend him completely.  

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