Manual therapy -a treatment technique commonly used by physiotherapist to treat pain, improve range of motion, treat soft tissue inflammation, induce relaxation, and improve flexibility. I’m level 1 FIMT certified manual therapist.

Soft tissue mobilization– a form of manual therapy to break adhesion, release muscle knot, improve flexibility, decrease pain, and improve function. I use techniques such as sustained pressure, rhythmic oscillations, transverse friction, and parallel mobilization to help with recovery.

Kinesio taping-Therapeutic taping is effective in alleviating pain and facilitating movement. Researchhave shown that they have ability to reduce pain and inflammation, promote healing, optimize performance, and promote circulation. I use Kinesio tape for a variety of conditions both musculoskeletal and sports injuries.

Posture assessment-Assessment of posture involves observing symmetry, rotation, and tilts from different planes. After analysing the posture advise will be provided to improve posture

Ergonomic advice-In simple terms in fitting the person to the workstation and workstation to the person. I have experience in assessing and providing recommendation to reduce the three ergonomic stressors, the force required to complete a task, static working postures, and repetitiveness of the task

Home exercise program-I provide a home exercise program based on individual needs. It is designed to continue with your recovery outside of physiotherapy. It encouraged you to participate in a specific exercise programand increases your chance of recovery.