Low back pain with or without radiating pain
Neck pain with and without radiating pain
Pinched Nerve
Intervertebral disc prolapse (Slipped disc)
Spinal stenosis
Pain due to poor posture
Post operative rehabilitation following common surgical procedures such as lumbar decompression surgery/laminectomy for spinal stenosis, Discectomy(removal of abnormal disc materials that press on the nerve), spinal fusion, and artificial disc replacement.

How can we help?

At leap Physio our goal is to relieve pain, restore function and return you back to your activities of daily living as quickly as your condition allows.

At your first visit you will have an assessment that will include questions relating to your conditions, relevant past medical history, and a comprehensive physical assessment. This is to determine a provisional diagnosis and make a treatment plan based on your presenting condition.

Generally it is important to do some form of exercises within limits of your pain. This will help the body to release natural endorphins that will help relieve pain. It is important to avoid prolonged bed rest but also if you don’t rest enough and over exercise you may worsen the conditions.

A Consultant physiotherapist or a doctor if your pain persists for number of days. It is important to seek advice on correct exercises for your condition.

We provide you a home exercise program to aid with speedy recovery. Throughout your physiotherapy program, your therapist keeps a record of your progress and challenges, which is shared with your referring doctor.

Benefits of active physiotherapy may include:

  • Learn how to safely stretch and exercise
  • Learn do’s and don’ts
  • Increase flexibility; make it easier to move (eg, walk, climb stairs)
  • Improveoverall strength
  • Build strong abdominal muscles; your body's core centre of strength
  • Produce endorphins: your body's natural pain relievers
  • Improved posture
  • Be more sure-footed, which can help prevent falls