Good posture is not only about standing upright and erect but also its important to maintain alignment in sitting and lying.

In an ideal posture, the line of gravity(LOG) passes through certain anatomical parts in the body. This line pass through the lobe of the ear, shoulder joint, hip joint, in front of the midline of the knee joint, and front of lateral malleolus in the ankle.

In sitting the ears should be in line with the shoulder and the shoulder in line with the hip. The elbows stay close to the body. The angle of elbow, hip and knees must be approximately 90 degrees. The forearm should be parallel to the ground and wrist at neutral or in mild extension. Feet must be resting on the ground or on foot rests.

This pandemic has forced us to work from home with make-shift home office using desk and chairs that are not suitable for sitting long hours. Researchers have shown that prolonged sitting in poor posture can lead painful joints. Low back pain is the most common complaint followed by neck, shoulder, and arm pain.

Symptoms can range from mild pain to more severe pain with limitation in range of motion, pins and needles, burning sensations, swelling and/or weakness in the affected area.

How can we help?

At Leap physiotherapy we provide:
Assessment and diagnosis of posture
Postural awareness and re-education program
Joint mobilization
Exercises to improve strength, flexibility and posture
Ergonomic advice regarding workstation modification