As a specialist Paediatric Physiotherapists, I aim to provide a comprehensive, professional and child friendly physiotherapy service to meet the needs of all children and young people from birth up to the 5-19 years

I have specialist knowledge of treating children and experience in treating variety of conditions. I take considerations of their interests and where possible develop exercise programs to suit their interests and needs.

I have extensive experience in the areas of:

  Cerebral palsy all GMFCS levels
  Genetic abnormalities
  Neurological conditions
  Gait deviations
  Developmental delay and coordination difficulty
  Rheumatological conditions
  Hypermobility Syndrome
  Paediatric Musculoskeletal injuries
  Orthopaedics, including rehabilitation after surgery
  Brachial plexus injury (OBBI)
  Talipes or Club foot

I undertake school visits to offer support and advice. I provide assessment and advice to school to enable child’s participation in their school PE program.

Initial appointment

The initial appointment involves performing a comprehensive assessment including gathering information about the child and their present problems, relevant medical history and a physical assessment as needed for the presenting problem. Following this, I will provide an explanation of the problem to the parents, and the recommended treatment.

The approach is family and child centred empowering families to help their child meet their needs and maximizing their potential.

The assessment is approximately 45 min to 1 hour and will require the child/young person be in comfortable clothing.