Our mission

Our mission is to help Relieve pain, restore movement, independence and return you to your maximum function.

About Us

I’m Anujan Prabhakaran, clinical director of Leap Physiotherapy. I have over 19 years of experience in treating a variety of musculoskeletal, sports injury and neurological conditions both adults and paediatrics. I qualified as Physiotherapist in 2002. After working in India in a neuro rehabilitation clinic utilizing EMG biofeedback and exercises, I moved to Ireland to hone my skills in paediatric physiotherapy. Following 10 years of paediatric experience, I moved to New York to specialize in musculoskeletal and sports injury physiotherapy where I worked in Hospital for special surgeries (HSS), a large multi speciality hospital. my passion for further education led me to complete Doctor of Physical Therapy from Shenandoah University in Virginia. I specialise in treating ACL injury and rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction using structured intervention to maximize the outcome. I’m working as highly specialized paediatric physiotherapist at Whittington Health NHS Trust providing services across communities, home, and school.

I strongly believe continuous learning to be an integral part of my profession and I continue to participate in continuous developmental programs. Use of evidence- based practice is at the core of the practice and helping people achieve their maximum potential.

At Leap Physiotherapy exercises are tailor-made to meet individual needs. The holistic approach combined with evidence-based practice ensures that the cause of the problem is addressed enabling you to return to maximum functional capacity.

I believe educating you about your condition, outlining expectations, setting realistic goals and designing a program that suits your need enables you towards complete recovery. A timely discharge and advise facilitates you to take control of your condition and become less dependent on physiotherapy treatment and supports you to continue with recovery even after discharge.


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